Introduction of ‘C’ Programming Language

C Programming Language is a very popular computer programming language through which users and computers can communicate. Using this series of tutorials, one can learn C Programming Language from the basics. Every topic in these tutorials is explained with clear information and good examples. The content of all the topics is prepared by very experienced and expert faculty.

What is C?

C is a computer programming language used to design computer softwares and applications.

Why do we use C?

We use C programming language to design computer softwares and applications.

Who invented C?

C Programming Language was invented in the year 1972 by Dennis Ritchie (Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie). He was an American Computer Scientist worked at Bell Labs as researcher along with Ken Thompson. He was born on 9th September 1941 and lived till 12th October 2011. He is said to be the Father of C.

Softwares used to create and execute C Program?

Following are the softwares and applications used to create and execute C programs…

  1. Turbo C –
  2. Turbo C++ –
  3. GNU C –
  4. Code Blocks –
  5. Net Beans –

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